Electric and Water should be turned on for the inspection.

In the interest of doing a complete inspection, the electric and the water should be on at the time of the inspection. This will enable us to run the dishwasher and other appliances in our inspection process.  Checking outlets switches and plumbing is part of the inspection .  


ID Home Inspections LLC utilizes computerized home inspection reports.  This gives us a process to follow while inspecting your home.  With section by section detailed check points, a thorough inspection is assured. Once the inspection is completed, a report is generated and can be emailed by the next business day. A hard copy can also be printed and mailed as well if requested. This report will detail concerns identified and will include pictures and suggestions on the next steps to be taken. Each inspection should have a follow up discussion between the home buyer and the inspector. The follow up conversation will address any questions our customer may have. 


The inspection will not include cutting holes in the walls or permanently dismantling components.  We will test all components and appliances for operation at the time of inspection.  There is no guarantee that any component wont fail after an inspection. An estimation of age on each component will be provided if possible. We will pull the panel off of the breaker or fuse box to visually inspect connections and proper wiring.  If a deficiency is found we will recommend a course of action, ie. monitor, replace or have licensed plumber, electrician, exterminator etc  be consulted.


While it is not required to have the customer on sight for the inspection, it is certainly encouraged.  The opportunity to see your house through the eyes of an expert will prove valuable.  Good dialogue between the inspector and the customer offers a better understanding of the house your are looking to purchase. You will also gain a better understanding of what we are looking for during our inspection.